A Little About Us

Mission Statement

Seasons on Grove Daycare strives to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for children where they can explore, learn and play in a way that follows each child’s needs.  There is a large focus on the independence of each child in that they are given time to grow, learn and adapt at their own pace in both formal and informal lessons as well as indoor and outdoor spaces.  With the Montessori philosophy in mind children will have opportunities to experience lessons in Math, Language, Culture, Sensorial and Practical Life. There will be daily focus on food and nutrition as well as the natural environment. There will be a plethora of outdoor education, experiments, and exploration using all 5 senses. Children will also do a lot of cooking, food prep, and taste testing with healthy, local, seasonal foods while they attend Seasons on Grove Daycare.  

About Kaitlyn

After more than 5 years as a Montessori Teacher, I fell in love with the philosophy of Maria Montessori and her idea of following the child through their education process.  I have a background and degree in Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Education which I love to mix in with the Montessori teachings to provide children with opportunities to explore their environment both indoors and out in a way that is not restricted by curriculum.  Children guide their own journey of learning and I love to be a guide on their journey who provides them with the tools they need to explore, discover, understand and wonder.